Cornerstone Baptist Church
54 Brighton Street, Belmont, MA 02478 (617) 489-2498
Audio Sermons
Audio Sermons
Sermons preached at Cornerstone Baptist Church by Pastor Starr and others in .mp3 format.  
Download to your computer.

We ask if you choose to share or use them in some other venue that you not edit or take parts out of context and that you give appropriate reference to Cornerstone Baptist Church.

Message 1  -  How to Walk with God
Message 2  -  God's Word: Food for the Soul
Message 3  -  How to Keep from Sinning
Message 4  -  The Mind of Christ
Message 5  -  How to be Sanctified
Message 6  -  Clothed with Humility
Message 7  -  Dealing with Temptation
Message 8  -  Fellowship with God
Message 9  -  Love One Another
Message 10 -  Some Ingredients for Spiritual Growth

Message11 - Looking for Jesus

Message 12 - The Joy of the Lord
Message 13 - Perfecting Holiness
Message 14 - Christian Stewardship
Message 15 - Looking for the Return of Christ
Message 16 - The Holy Spirit
Message 17 - Looking unto Jesus
Message 18 - God Must Be First
Message 19 - Walking in the Fear of God
Message 20 - Not Controlled by Emotions

Message 21 - A Burden for Souls
Message 22 - Learn to Endure Chastening
Message 23 - Defeating the Devil
Message 24 - Fruit Bearing
Message 25 - Worry

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