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News You Should Know About
News You Should Know About

 July 2017


U.S. ARMY’S TRANSGENDER TRAINING ADDRESSES MALE PREGNANCIES (Friday Church News Notes, June 23, 2017,) - The following is excerpted from Todd Starnes, Fox News, Jun. 16, 2017: “The Army has begun mandatory transgender sensitivity training for soldiers. The training covers everything from ‘transfemale’ soldiers to transgender shower etiquette to dealing with a male soldier who becomes pregnant. ... ‘That pregnancy scenario is beyond words,’ Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty executive director Ron Crews told me. ‘This is an example of how this social policy can be used simply to promote personal agendas at the expense of taxpayers with no regard for being what the military is all about.’ The matter of male soldiers with child is tucked away inside the Army’s ‘Policy on the Military Service of Transgender Soldiers Training Module, Tier 2: Commanders and Leaders.’ ... [It was] mandated during the Obama Administration. ‘The training module specifically outlines key roles and responsibilities of commanders, transgender soldiers, military medical providers and administrative management organizations,’ Lt. Col. Jennifer Johnson told USA Today. ‘This training is mandatory for all uniformed members, as well as Department of the Army civilians.’


The briefing materials cover all sorts of scenarios--from shower stall etiquette to ‘transfemale’ soldiers deployed to anti-LGBT countries. ... Female soldiers must also come to terms with taking a shower alongside men who identify as women--even if the transgender soldier did not undergo sex-reassignment surgery. ‘Soldiers must accept living and working conditions that are often austere, primitive, and characterized by little or no privacy,’ the module states. ‘All soldiers will use billeting, bathroom and shower facilities associated with their gender marker.’ The Army guidelines mandate facilities will not be designed, modified or constructed to make transgender-only areas. ‘Accommodations cannot isolate or stigmatize the TG soldier,’ the guidelines state.”


CANADA PASSES RADICAL LAW FORCING GENDER THEORY ACCEPTANCE (Friday Church News Notes, June 23, 2017,, 866-295-4143) - The following is excerpted from LifeSiteNews, June 15, 2017: “Canada’s Senate passed the Justin Trudeau Liberals’ transgender rights bill unamended this afternoon by a vote of 67 to 11, with three abstentions. The bill adds ‘gender expression’ and ‘gender identity’ to Canada’s Human Rights Code and to the Criminal Code’s hate crime section. With the Senate clearing the bill with no amendments, it requires only royal assent in the House of Commons to become law. Critics warn that under Bill C-16, Canadians who deny gender theory could be charged with hate crimes, fined, jailed, and compelled to undergo anti-bias training. Foremost among these critics is University of Toronto psychology professor Dr. Jordan Peterson, who along with lawyer D. Jared Brown, told the Senate committee that Bill C-16 is an unprecedented threat to freedom of expression and codifies a spurious ideology of gender identity in law. Peterson was invited to the committee by Manitoba Senator Don Plett, who voted against the bill. ... Prime Minister Trudeau praised the bill’s passage as ‘great news.’ But Campaign Life Coalition, the political arm of Canada’s pro-life movement, condemned the passage of Bill C-16. ‘This tyrannical bill is nothing but social engineering to the nth degree, all in the name of political correctness,’ Campaign Life’s Toronto vice president Jeff Gunnarson told LifeSiteNews. Jack Fonseca, Campaign Life’s senior political strategist, said the bill will be used to attack Christian belief. ‘Mark my words, this law will not be used as some sort of “shield” to defend vulnerable transsexuals, but rather as a weapon with which to bludgeon people of faith and free-thinking Canadians who refuse to deny truth,’ he told LifeSiteNews. ... Lawyer Brown told the Senate Committee the federal Liberals have made it clear they will follow Ontario’s lead when implementing Bill C-16. And Ontario Human Rights Code guidelines ‘mandate’ the use of genderless pronouns on request, he said. ‘Mandating use of pronouns requires one to use words that are not their own that imply a belief in or agreement with a certain theory on gender,’ he added. ‘If you try to disavow that theory, you can be brought before the Human Rights Commission for misgendering or potentially find yourself guilty of a hate crime. To sum up, on the subject of gender, we’re going to have government-mandated speech.’ Those who refuse to go along could be ‘brought before the federal tribunal,’ Brown said. If the tribunal assesses a penalty such as a fine or “non-monetary remedy, such as a cease and desist order or an order to compel them to do something,” and the person refuses, ‘they will find themselves in contempt of court and prison is the likely outcome of that process until they purge the contempt.’”


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